Policies & Procedures

/Sign-Out Policy

To meet the State law requirement, it is our policy to have the parents Sign-In and Sign-Out their children entering the time and using their full signature daily.  To insure the utmost safety of our children, parents are asked to park their cars and walk their children inside the school.  If you have a message for your child’s teacher, please leave it with the Director.

Tuition & Credit Policies

To maintain the quality of our program, yet keep it affordable for the average family in our community, it is essential that we maintain full enrollment and collect tuition for every space each month.  This requires careful planning and a firm collection policy.  Our Administrative Office alone makes all scheduling and credit decisions, freeing others to focus on the education of children.  We ask that our teaching staff not be bothered with administrative inquiries.  The Administrator is resolute in adhering to these policies, so to avoid future misunderstandings, please read carefully the following:


 Applicants are declaring their intent to remain enrolled for the full academic year, and agree to give at least 30 days written notice before withdrawing from the program.  Likewise, we agree to give at least 30 days written notice before any tuition increase takes effect.


This is a tuition-based educational institution, not an attendance-based daycare facility.  Tuition is collected in advance to reserve a space in our program, without regard to whether a child actually attends on any given day, or the reason for any absence (planned for or not).


Think tuition — not childcare.  Trying to compare the cost per hour, day, or week of our program, with traditional childcare, is a two-fold mistake.  The educational value is simply incomparable.  With long and short months, Winter and Spring breaks, and holidays, the actual number of school days each month fluctuates anywhere from 15 to 23 (the avg. is 20), confounding attempts to calculate a unit cost.


Again, you are paying for a space, and no refunds will be made, or credit given, for absences during the academic year, for any reason.


We cannot always guarantee part-time applicants specific days of the week, but once established, schedules are generally fixed for the year.


Rearranging a part-time child’s schedule is difficult at best, usually requiring the cooperation of another party willing to switch days.


Incidental swapping or adding days is only possible when there is a predictable absence so we appreciate being informed as soon as possible when a child will be absent.  We cannot offer free “make-up” days for absences or holidays.

Tuition Payments

Monthly payments are simply 1/10th of the annual tuition fee for the 10-month academic year.


Tuition payments are due on the 1st of each Month.


The tuition for our summer program is on a weekly basis and the payment is due on the first day of each week.

Past Due Accounts

Once tuition is 10 days past due, your child will be allowed to attend school only when the account is brought current.


After 15 days past due, we may deem you to have withdrawn from the program by default, and the space forfeited to someone on the waiting list.


Once withdrawn for any reason, full payment of all past due amounts, plus a new Registration Fee, is required before a child is again eligible for the waiting list, where we may give preference to a previously enrolled child.

Termination Policy

Abusive behavior toward another child, a teacher, or school property is grounds for sending a child home immediately and will be followed by a parent teacher conference.


If the disruptive aggressive behavior persists and if it affects the program that we ensure all children, then this behavior may be grounds for dismissal.


Tuition will be refunded on a prorated basis, if the school dismisses the child.

Late Pick-up Charges

Children must be picked up before 5:00 PM. Arriving after we close at 5:00 PM can cause your child stress, and is a very real imposition on our staff.  As a deterrent, we charge a late pick-up fee of $10 per ¼ hour or any part thereof.  This means that those from one to fifteen minutes late at closing time are charged $10.  Those sixteen to thirty minutes late are charged $20, etc.  Repeated violations here are unacceptable. PLEASE be responsible, and have a relative or friend you can call in an emergency to pick-up your child by closing time.

Napping Policy

All children who will be napping need to bring their bedding to school.


BEDDING: Napping children need a crib sheet and a lightweight blanket left at school Monday through Friday.  Make sure that all bedding is clearly labeled with your child’s name.  Bedding must be taken home on Friday, laundered, and returned to school on Monday.  Please do not send comforters or large pillows, as we are unable to store large and bulky items.


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