Parent FAQ's

Dress and Extra Clothes

Casual, comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes should be worn.  Please do not dress your child in faddish clothing.  Fantasy outfits for boys (Spiderman, etc.), or coquettish outfits for girls are inappropriate.  Clothing should also be easy for the child to remove (especially for the child who is still toilet training).  Open-toed shoes, sandals, and cowboy boots are not allowed; as it is difficult for a child to run and play in these types of shoes, (sand in sandals is very uncomfortable).  It is important that each child has an extra set of clothing in a ziplock bag, clearly labeled with his/her full name, left at school (including underwear and socks).  It is equally important that these clothes be promptly replaced if used.  Any spare clothing supplied by the school also needs to be promptly returned, ready for the next accident or emergency.  Removable articles of clothing (e.g. coats, hats, sweaters, and jackets) must be clearly labeled with the child’s full name.  This also applies to books, etc. brought to school.  Note: No backpacks please.


Please send your child to school each day with a light sweater or jacket even if it appears to be warm out.  As we all know, our weather here can be unpredictable.  A warm sunny morning can turn into a cold foggy afternoon.

Jewelry & Sunglasses

Children may not wear or bring jewelry to school.  The only exception will be small post earrings.  We do not allow children to wear sunglasses on the playground for safety reasons.  However, we will make exceptions for children with a medical reason.  Children sometimes run into each other and a broken pair of sunglasses can greatly injure a child’s eyes or face.

Toys / Sharing

Bringing toys to school is not permitted, however items of special interest that the children want to share are most welcome and will be put on the observation table.  Should your child find a grasshopper, frog, or any live creature, please do not hesitate to send it in on the day of discovery!  Other precious items related to a theme or subject being studied are very welcome.  Please put the item into a bag with your child’s name on it and store in your child’s cubby until sharing time.  If the item is delicate, please hand it over to the classroom teacher for safekeeping.


We are happy to help you celebrate your child’s birthday in school.  To make it a special day we have a ritual that we know your child will enjoy.


We require your help in making your child’s day memorable.  Please create a time-line of your child’s life for his / her birthday that will be enjoyed by all the children during the birthday celebration.  Include:

A photograph of your child taken on the day of his/her birth and a photo taken on each birthday since then

A short description of who was there when your child was born and how you felt about their arrival into the world.  A similar description should accompany the photos of each birthday.


We have a no treat policy, as well as no sugar or peanuts. If you would like to donate a book in honor of your child's birthday, please write their name and a short note about it being their birthday and give the book to the teacher.

Parent Observations

We have an open door policy for parent observers.  However, we request that you contact the office to schedule an observation so we do not have too many parents in on the same day.  For the first six weeks of school, it is important for the children to settle in and for the teachers to have this time to establish routines.  For this reason, we will not schedule observations before the middle of October each year.

Parent Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year to discuss the child’s progress.  It is very important that both parents attend if possible. Progress reports are given at each conference with the teacher. Please check the calendar for dates.  Special conferences are called whenever the need arises.

Parent Education

Our Parent Education Programs are informative evening meetings held throughout the year.  To give parents a forum for discussion, gain information of child psychology and to learn about the Montessori approach to education.  It’s a time to get your questions answered, get to know some of the other parents and have a fun evening.

Field Trips

The Teachers sometimes take the children on short nature walks.  Major field trips away from the school will require information being sent home in advance about the purpose, location, cost, means of transportation, and a request for parent participation.  A special field trip permission form will be required.


Both Fire Drill and Earthquake drills will be scheduled on a regular basis.


Parent participation is invited to support the teachers in preparing for and organizing special events.  Parents are encouraged to sign up for the event that best suits their schedule and interests.  Following is a list of events and positions for which you may wish to sign up:

Class Parties – Coordinator or Helper

Field Trip Driver

Library Parent – Coordinator or Helper

Art Projects – Coordinator or Helper


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